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  • Jack Longman

Monthly Spotify Playlists: January 2018

Yo! So, even though last year I probably had my busiest year yet in independent music, I know in my heart that I did not actually listen to enough music, meaning new music or even some old jams that I love. I guess I just shut that part of my brain off and concentrated on studying and working, which is kind of what I do... But yeah anyway I definitely noticed a massive gaping hole in my life that only music can fill towards the end of last year, so I've decided to make 1 Spotify playlist a month, old or new music, no rules or genre boundaries.

This is kind of a personal project for me to be honest, but I encourage you to all do the same, Since making the first one I've been caning it after work most days and it's helped my creativity in both songwriting and mixing/producing this month tenfold and has basically taught me to never lose touch of what you love even if it's something that is not totally cool at the moment/hip etc.!

Link is below if you wanna check it out:

Link me to some of yours if you have some.

Jack xo

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