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  • Jack Longman

At Monolith Studios, Chaos Reigns.

And another one! Pleased to reveal the second live session to be released this week that I worked on.

Chaos Reigns Punk Hardcore Band

This one being the pilot of a brand new series from Monolith Studios in London, titled "Monolith LIVE" featuring London punk/hardcore up and comers "Chaos Reigns". Check it out below!

I think it's pretty damn banging for a pilot episode! It was really fun building a "set" to work with on the shoot, which is basically a massive wall of amps haha. We've got a great team running with us on these sessions, big thanks to Jordan Noon for handling camera duties with me and for Charlie Wilson for taking care of audio duties and being my partner in crime on this new venture. I'm very excited to do more.

If you'd like me to work on a live session for your music, be it engineering/filming/mixing, please get in touch below:


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