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  • Jack Longman

The heaviest live session I've recorded thus far.

God Complex UK Hardcore Band

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the first episode of what possibly is my favourite #LiveAtTheLab session thus far, featuring Merseyside hardcore crew God Complex.

I'm no stranger to heavy music, but it does take a lot to impress me these days, and these guys just have "it" for me. It's angry, it's groovy, it's got just the right amount of fast and slow parts, nothing too techy/twiddly widdly. Great lyrics and riffs and what's better, they pull it off in the live setting fantastically. I was literally filming this trying so hard not to ditch the camera off and start losing my shit in the middle of the live room haha. I'm really happy with how this session looks and sounds, feel like it really matches the feel of the bands performance, kudos to James for co engineering and Matt Williams for smashing the mix.

There's 2 more songs to come from these dudes. Get into it now if heavy is your vibe!

If you'd be interested in having me direct/record/mix a live sesion for you/your band, please get in touch at

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