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  • Jack Longman

Studio VLog - Crawlers Debut EP

Check out this sick little studio doc of brand new indie rockers "Crawlers" making their debut EP with me back in January of this year! Filmed by Tommy Banham and edited by Federico Gangemi.

The band wanted more than anything to capture their live performances in the recordings so it was a natural decision for me to track the EP live. They also have Tommy "Moosh" Whittaker of WATO on drums, so I wasn't really worried about timing issues haha. We tracked each songs bass, drums and rhythm guitar all live, overdubbing a second guitar, leads and vocals the day after.

I was really very happy with how these songs turned out, the band feature a lot of classic rock and early 00's indie rock influences which I leant hard on during the mix stage. I think a lot of people are reluctant to record things live/all together sometimes for fear of things not being perfect, but when the client wants something that is authentic to a certain era, you have to realise that the artists who made those classic records in said eras did not do things perfectly, and that is also part of why those records sound the way they do. My favourite song is Dark Sky Drive, the last song to be featured in the video. The drum sound on that song is one of my favourites thus far. Tom's snare is such a joy to record!

Looking forward to this record coming out very soon! They've been busy building their thing for a long time so will be good to see them get going and playing some shows.

Jack xo

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